Hello Gentlemen

Glad you stumbled across my website, before we talk about myself, let's talk a little bit about you...

You're a man who probably has a strong sense of what he likes, right? You work hard, you've created a life and career you're proud of you enjoy indulging yourself. You know what you want, and whom you want. Luckily for me, I think we may both be on the same page.


The thrill of opening up to someone who is not afraid of intimacy and exploring a connection is what I love most about this unconventional world we find ourselves in. I'm told that I am free-spirited and extremely fun to be around.


The heart of me however, is undeniably warm, sweet, honest and sincere. I am an unapologetic womanly creature. I enjoy simple indulgences, blissful pleasure, and intense travel.


When I am not jet setting the world with a suitor, my spare time is filled with some of the activities I savor most; shopping, galleries, shows, museums, champagne brunches with my near and dear, and blissfully unplugging in nature... My hope for our time together regardless of our locale; is that we find respite in one another's company.


Which may be as simple as a low-key evening in together or possibly traveling together to parts unknown. Either way; I am pretty sure both include chasing each other around the bedroom.


Until then... XOXO, Lindsey P411- P194494